About Us

Brijon Veterinary Partners was born out of a desire to help clients safely, and in the comfort of home or familiar territory say goodbye to their furry friends.

The owner – Dr Frances Aniemeke is an emergency veterinarian, so she sees and knows firsthand how hard the decision to humanely euthanize our furry friends can be.

She is a foreign veterinary graduate and has undergone the  accreditation programme of the American veterinary medical Association – The (ECFVG) Educational commission for foreign veterinary graduates and has been fully accredited to practice veterinary medicine in the United states.

She completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at the New England animal medical center. She has continued her practice in Emergency medicine after her internship. Her interests includes treating cats and dogs with urinary diseases, lacerations, all of the odd things our furry friends get into and giving them quick relief.

She is a home buddy and loves to spend time with her husband and 2 lovely daughters.