Cremation Services

We will take care of the remains for you after we euthanize your pet.We do not pick up remains. Cremation services are for patients that we have euthanized. Please refer to prices below. All remains will be sent to Final Gift Crematorium, Cemetery and Funeral Home for both private and communal cremation unless you choose to bury your pet or use a crematorium of your choice. Please visitwww.finalgift.comfor more information on cremation products.

Private Cremation:

After we have euthanized your pet, we transport the remains of your belovedpet to the crematorium.Each pet is placed individually in the crematory alone, and your pet’s ashes will be mailed to you within about 7-10 days via certified mail. The cremated remains of your pet will be returned to you in a cedar wooden urn. The prices below include transportation of remains to the crematorium, private cremation, a cedar urn plus a personalized engraved brass plate, as well as shipment to your home via certified mail.

We understand that the sanctity of the cremation process is extremely important to a pet owner. It is just as important to us. All remains are handled with care and respect.

Privatecremation services (with return of ashes) price varies by pet weight:

under 20 lbs: $200
21-50 lbs: $230
51-100 lbs: $250
101-150 lbs: $275
over 150 lbs: $300

Communal Cremation:

After we have euthanized your pet, the remains are transported from your home to the crematorium. Pets are cremated with other pets and ashes are buried in an unmarked area at the Final gift Crematorium, Cemetery and funeral home.

Important notice about disposal of remains/communal cremation:Your pet’s ashes will not be returned to you!

For pets weighing up to 75 lbs: $125
For pets weighing over 75 lbs: $175