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About Us

Our Goal

  • To be the bridge between your regular veterinarian and the Emergency hospital – We can quickly take care of non- emergent cases and get you and your pet home as quickly as possible.
  • Continuity of care- we do not want to replace your regular veterinarian nor take away from the veterinary experience but to fill the gap on those days that your regular veterinarian is fully booked, you need immediate non-emergent help for your beloved pet, quick wellness or vaccination.

We partner with your regular veterinarian.
We have a fully automated, cloud based, 100% non-paper based health record system and your primary veterinarian receives a record of your visit shortly after the visit is concluded for continuity of care.
A summary of the visit can also be emailed to you as needed.

If you are a local veterinarian or Emergency hospital, we will like to partner with you to strengthen and improve the quality of veterinary care in our community.

For Emergent cases:
The closest ER is

  • VCA south shore Animal medical hospital, Weymouth
  • New England animal medical center, West Bridgewater
  • Capecod veterinary specilists